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The Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative (NGOM SSC) is one of five Sentinel Site Cooperatives within the broader NOAA Sentinel Site Program (SSP). The NGOM SSC is a partnership focused on sea-level rise and inundation in the northern Gulf of Mexico. A broad array of partners working along the science to stewardship continuum make up the Cooperative working to fill identified gaps and needs in sea-level rise science and management. The NGOM SSC geographic are is defined as the coastal counties from the Pearl River to the Suwannee River, but the Cooperative partner base includes local, state, regional, and national partners. Through NOAA, the Cooperative as expanded the partnerships to include academics, non-governmental organizations, and other federal, state, and local government agencies.
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This dataset provides an initial inventory of approximate locations (within 500 m accuracy) of Surface Elevation Tables (SETs) that are currently installed in coastal wetland ecosystems (e.g., salt marshes, mangrove...

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