Member created maps of spatial information.

GCPO LCC Quick Start Map

This map serves as the quick start map for the GCPO LCC portal. The National Land Cover Database is used as the base layer. The Geographic Constructs used in the GCPO LCC are included on top with a 40% transparency.

Recommended Maps

(MAP) Ecological Systems Classification 2011 Update for the Eastern GCPO LCC Geography
To review this data set please click on the "Comments" tab from within the map. You can drop pins or draw polygons around areas that you would like to comment on.
This dataset represents the cumulative result of multi-season classification of land cover in the GCPO LCC geography to NatureServe Ecological Systems based on 2011 seasonal Landsat Satellite Imagery. The approach used a Random Forest algorithm and several dozen input data layers to classify land cover at a 30 m pixel resolution....
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