GCPO Upland Streams and Rivers - Landscape Endpoints v. 20160609

Jun 9, 2016 (Last modified Jun 13, 2016)
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High gradient streams and rivers of the Ozark Highlands were selected by the Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks (GCPO) Adaptation Science Management Team (ASMT) as a priority habitat system.  The goal of this document discover and apply geospatial data and analysis to estimate the amount, configuration and condition of key habitat features of high gradient streams and rivers of the GCPO.  
The desired ecological state for priority habitat systems should characterize the least impacted condition – systems in this condition should be targets for maintenance/protection and the goal of restoration activities in degraded systems. In the GCPO Integrated Science Agenda (ISA), a general description of the desired ecological state is: “Small springs, runs, and headwaters characterized by clear, clean, and relatively cold water in largely undisturbed forest settings”. 
The geospatial data presented in this map are intended to identify locations having the desired landscape endpoints for listed in the GCPO ISA: 
Amount: Maintain current river miles
·         Landscape context: watersheds should be >75% forested, with 2% were overwhelmingly classified as “intermittent flashy” or “intermittent runoff”.  These flow regimes are characterized by 1-3 months of zero flow days and do not appear to align well with the desired ecological condition description of the ISA.  For this reason, we adopted a modified definition of “upland streams and rivers” based on elevation greater than 130m for the current assessment.  This elevation threshold was suggested by the GCPO SARP project to refine the ISA for aquatic systems.  As a result, the revised definition of this broadly defined habitat includes rivers and streams having a wide range of slope/gradient classes (Figure 1). 
Data from the EPA StreamCat database (Hill et al. 2016) was used extensively throughout this assessment. 
Further details may be found in the Draft Upland Streams and Rivers Ecological Assessment.
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