About the GCPO LCC Conservation Planning Atlas

The GCPO LCC Conservation Planning Atlas is a data discovery, visualization, and analytical platform for stakeholders throughout the Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks area. With the CPA you can search for spatial datasets, visualize GCPO supported projects, and learn more about landscape scale conservation science and design in the region.

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Other CPAs

Gulf Coast Prarie LCC
The Gulf Coast Prarie LCC encompasses portions of five states (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Kansas) and four terrestrial ecoregions (Oaks and Prairies, Gulf Coastal Prairie, Tamaulipan Brushlands and Edwards Plateau).
South Atlantic LCC
The South Atlantic LCC includes the Middle Atlantic Coastal Plain, Southern Coastal Plain, Southeastern Plains, the Piedmont, and the Blue Ridge.
Southeast Region
The Southeast Region encompasses the Gulf Coastal Plains & Ozarks, South Atlantic, Appalachian, Peninsular Florida, Gulf Coast Prairie, and Caribbean.